Web & graphic designer, animator, gaming enthusiast & beer brewer

Riaan is a digital designer, animator, gaming enthusiast, home brewer, music lover, extremely proud father and incredibly lucky husband.

Riaan has a hunger to keep learning, growing and succeeding as a professional, always seeking new challenges.


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What some of the wonderful people I've worked with have to say:
  • Riaan has immense talent and that creative edge when it comes to design, your ideas allows for the client to refresh their mindset and therefore creating the ideal artwork. Quoting Steve Jobs “You sell them something they never knew they needed/wanted” in the same way Riaan brings light to a project and encourage/promote a fresh look and feel something the client never thought was possible.
    Denzyl de Jager
    APS, Nutri-Stick, Wash Online
  • The response to the website you built is incredible, no amazing, no words can not be described and is very happy the day when we met each other the first day and the friendship that was forged.
    Vlok Cilliers
  • What a creative person! Not to mention always friendly and insightful. Designing everything from the EVE logo, website and app. With his eye for design, Riaan gave me exactly what I didn't know I needed for my business to visually represent ourselves. Walking me through the process from the beginning to the end, explaining the role of each element, was a breeze. I would highly recommend Riaan to anyone looking for a fresh eye and creative edge to their designs and identity.
    Charmaine Jordaan
    Eve Secrets
  • Riaan provided a Wordpress website development service to my company. I can recommend Riaan based on my experience of their service as: most knowledgeable on web development & SEO, reliable, delivers on commitment made and within the agreed budget. We had a good working relationship and Riaan responded timeous on all requests and emails. Riaan definitely offered value for money and I am most pleased with the end result.
    Karien Winter
    Brand Shifts, Specmed
  • I enjoyed working with Riaan, I felt he understood my business, worked quickly and offered practical advice. He added little extras that I liked. I would recommend him to do your website.
    Anerene Rossouw
    The Art of Life
  • Riaan really went out of his way to assist me in designing an informative and interesting website. Riaan went the extra mile to understand what it was that I needed and added his own personal touch. I'm extremely happy with the results and at such a reasonable price!
    Chad Bartrum
    Chad Bartrum Racing
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